Sunday, August 3, 2014

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 8-3-14

Joe and I spent the last few days working in our out of town storage to organize and get ready for a huge clutter sale. I took my camera and the list of prompts for this week's scavenger hunt, but never took the camera out of the case. Saturday was my last chance to get the photos I needed.

As we worked, we were plagued by wasps. Joe found the nest and doused it with white gas (for use in lanterns) because we had no wasp spray. I have never seen such an effective remedy! Immediately wasps fell from the nest. They didn't move. at. all. It killed them dead. Wasp spray or even gasoline doesn't stop them all immediately. There are always some persistent ones that have to be finished off 'by foot.'

Caution: If you use this method, do not light a match or smoke!

As soon as Joe confirmed the danger of being stung was passed, I got my camera and went for some documentation. I took three great photos, then looked in the view window.


was all I saw. I went to my purse to get a card.


When you see a shot, don't hesitate, just take it. You never know when an emergency might arise and you desperately need such a photo! I had to look through a lot of random photos to find some that were appropriate for this weeks hunt.

1. Two Things

This picture was taken on mother's day before last. My mother and I share two things--we both wear glasses and we both have a square chin. A third way we are alike is neither of us are comfortable having our picture taken. I have finally realized the stress we feel being in front of the lens contributes greatly to the 'bad pictures' we take. I am working on getting over it. My daughter, in the middle, has never minded being in front of the lens.

2. Animal

This animal, my daughter's cat, likes to stand in the window and watch the people who are on the outside. Does that make her a reverse peeping tom?

3. Handwriting

This concrete structure is all that remains of the old blue bridge that used to carry motorists across Highway 75 just south of Okmulgee, OK. It was once in the Guinness Book of World Records. A railroad bridge ran under it and a dirt road under the railroad bridge. At the time, it was rare to have three roadways crossing the same area.

The new highway runs parallel with the old one. The structure that is left is covered with hand writing. The graffiti pays tribute to a soldier who lost his life in service for our freedom several years ago. The young man's childhood home was very close to this bridge.

4. Frozen

I walked into the bedroom to find this old air conditioner blowing hot air, but with 3/4" of ice on the coils. It was frozen up because it was low on freon. Joe was already asleep in the other room, but luckily I remembered how to fix it. I turned it to fan only rather than cool. Less than ten minutes later the ice was gone and I was able to turn it back to cool and it worked just fine.

5. Nap Time

One of the antique shows we set up at earlier this year had a dining area. No one seemed to be eating in it, but when nap time came, this guy knew right where to go! 

That's all for today. Thank you for stopping by. I would love for you to leave a comment to let me know you were here. If you would like to participate in Scavenger Hunt Sunday, just click the like below.


  1. EW, wasps! Glad you figured out how to get rid of them! Love how you captured the guy taking a nap. ;) Some people van sleep anywhere.

    1. Yes, I con't like the wasps much!. They could easily have ruined our whole day!

  2. Uch, wasps! Glad you got rid of them sans stings! The animal shot is great - love the reflection!

    1. Thanks for your comments, Tamara. I was glad to get rid of the wasps. I was only going for the cat photo, the reflection was a bonus!

  3. I like your animal shot. I'm going to have to check out the old bridge. I go through Okmulgee from time to time and have never noticed it.

    1. Thanks Yogi. You can't see the remains of the bridge until you are almost past it. The old highway cuts off of the new by the smokeshop and runs along in front of the flea market. You know you are close when you pass the tall smoke stack.