Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Memories from a Busy Day and Other Times

Prompts for Sunday's Scavenger Hunt are double, Friday, memories, busy day and where I stand.

1. Double

This weekend Joe and I helped my brother, Joe, with some remodeling work. If you have a Joe in your family, you probably already know what characters they can be. Both my Joes are like 'joke' without the 'k'. In this photo they look a little mild, but they are usually double trouble!

2. Friday

This trailer doesn't look like much, but it is sturdy despite the fancy contraption Joe rigged up to keep the fender from flapping. He was getting it ready to do some heavy hauling on Friday.

3. Memories

We had one little snow, so I grabbed the camera and took a few quick photos. We don't get many snows around here and I don't have photos of most of them, so I wanted this one for my 'memories' sake. It was a bonus to have found this nativity scene to include in the photo.

4. Busy Day

My nephew is helping with the remodeling job. It was a busy day for him. He was working hard taking up the old tile. 

 5. Where I Stand

If you are a good hunter, you can see what I saw from where I stand or stood. It was almost dark when I took this photo. The deer were in the yard not far from my brother's house. They must have thought they were hidden from view, because I got six or eight shots before they moved on. Too bad I only had my Canon and not a rifle!

Hope you enjoy my interpretations of this week's prompts. I would love for you to leave a comment. Now I'm off to look at your photos and leave a comment. Have a great week.


  1. Hey Martha!
    Glad to see that you all helped out with some work around the house and got some of it done.
    Your nephew especially looks productive.
    Love the memory shot. 'Tis a memory we shall never forget!

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