Saturday, August 16, 2014

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 8-17-14

This week for the scavenger hunt I used all new pictures--no archive photos. Aren't you proud of me?

1. Home

Several things you will find in abundance in my house. Board games are stacked on top of my book shelves. Some are for the grandchildren to play. Others I sell parts and pieces of at the antique shows. I often use the empty boxes for sorting. This stack of Scrabble Game boxes I have already put to use.

2. Guilty Pleasure

Joe and I have been working for two weeks now organizing our storage. We come home tired every night. A bowl of butter pecan ice cream makes us both feel so much better! I eat a couple of squares of dark chocolate every day, only because it is healthy, of course! I don't eat it with the ice cream, but since both are my "guilty pleasures" I thought it fitting to put them in the same photo.

3. Lucky

The boys on this drinking glass probably thought the girl who won their marbles was just "lucky." I met Ruth Locke, the lady who, many years ago, was Norman Rockwell's model for this famous painting. Although this was just a painting, the real Ruth won the marble tournament several years in a row--until she reached the age that she was no long allowed to participate. 

4. Heart

I purchased this heart-shaped trinket box several years ago at a flea market. Inside was a baby took someone had save and probably forgot about it when they put the box out to sell.

5. Window

Light houses often have window down the sides to let light inside. I don't suppose it is a big deal if they are not kept perfectly clean.

It is very important, however, for the windows on the top to be clean and the light can shine clearly to guide sailors in the night. 

I hope you have enjoyed my post for this week's scavenger hunt. You can see the photos that others have posted for the prompts by following the link below. 

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  1. Cool collection of photos. I especially like the lighthouse windows!

  2. Thank you. Lighthouses are among my favorite things!