Monday, November 4, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday - Week 2

Scavenger Hunt Sunday-Week 2
1.Dress Up

I didn't take this picture myself, but it was my camera. I had my hands full trying to keep the hat on!


I opted for candy I wouldn't be tempted to eat.

3. Orange

I love how the strings of lights cast an orange glow on the whole pumpkin patch.

4. Spooky

My husband spotted this when we were walking through the woods looking for mushrooms. It was spooky enough that I decided to wear boots next time.

5. Pumpkin

My husband, again, spotted this pumpkin patch as we drove through Paris (Texas) the night after Halloween.  He actually drove around the square (all the streets were one way, so it wasn't a simple matter of just turning around) so I could take pictures of it. The city had made used of the area between 2 buildings that was once a building itself, to set up this fun little pumpkin patch. The sign out front said "The pumpkins are free, please take one.  A donation would be appreciated."


  1. Great shot for dress up. Love that shot for orange. Very festive!

  2. Great set! I really love the orange shot!

    We must have had the same hat, as mine kept flying off all Halloween too!

    Love your candy shot too!

  3. That scorpion and spooky skull looking leaves gives me the creeps. ewwwww

    1. You are right. I hadn't even noticed the 'skull' leaves! Thanks for pointing it out.