Monday, October 28, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

I've just found a neat blog where you are given 5 words a week to interpret through photos you take. It sounds like fun, so here goes! You are supposed to take the pictures pictures with the them in mind, but I just found the site and didn't have time to go out and take new pictures, so I chose these from my album of a visit to Silver Dollar City with my daughter and grand kids. I spent most of the time practicing with my new Canon, taking pictures of whatever was available while the younger children rode the kiddie rides.

1. Change
I chose this picture because it shows the flowers in various stages of life: the bud as it is just beginning to open, the flower full of life in full bloom, and the wilting  petals turning darker as they age.

2. My Mood Today
We have made quite a few changes recently in our business. As we have started implementing those changes, new opportunities have begun to open to us. Things of the past have begun to fade out as we focus on the new, and with it a confidence in what we are doing and excitement for the future. This flower expresses my mood as I anticipate tomorrow.

3. Dark
Our first day at SDC ended with a swim at the motel. We played in the pool until well after dark. In this picture my daughter waited below the slide for her daughter to splash into the water.

4. Welcome
After the swim, the 2 youngest grandchildren welcomed us to their stuffed animal show. 

5. Depth of Field
I'm not sure if this is picture is really a proper defining of the term, but I chose it anyway. It was taken in the hall of mirrors in Grandfather's Mansion at SDC. 
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  1. I especially like the Mood picture.

  2. Nice choices for the prompts. Change and Mood are very pretty.
    I liked your dark shot, with the silhouette feel.
    Great DOF shot.