Sunday, November 10, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday - 3rd Week

This is my 3rd week doing the Scavenger Hunt Sunday. This weekend I have been set up at an antique show, so all my pictures have come from my booth. Most of my booth is silver plated flatware. This show was themed vintage Christmas.

1. Table

I like setting up at the antique shows. It is my chance to decorate the way I want. I have several different sizes of tables that I used depending on the size of my booth. I start by covering the table with a cloth that fits my color scheme. A red-wine color seems to work well for me. This one is my favorite. It appears to glow when you put green depression glass on it. I chose to cover it with a lace curtain panel for this show.The color still shows through the lace, but doesn't distract from the silverware that I display on it. I often use crocheted doilies to draw particular attention to groups of like items.

2. I Collect
Baby sized spoon and fork sets are one of my favorite items of silverware. I have learned that if I buy  things I like to sell, others will like it to. Baby sets are popular. This is only a small portion of the baby spoon and fork sets that I have.

3. Music
The name of this pattern of silverware is Harmony. I have only had a few pieces of it. I would consider it rare, though not one of the most collectible patterns. It was introduced in 1938. I don't know why the designer named it Harmony, but it reminds me of a Spanish guitar, the lines being the strings and the flowers the decoration.

4. Yes!
I have saved old game pieces since I was a teenager. I always thought it would fun to sell the pieces at the antique shows. I finally got it incorporated into my set up during the last year. It has been a big hit. YES!

5. Someone I miss.
My middle daughter passed away nearly 5 years ago. My husband noticed around 10 years ago that Rebekah called me more often and seemed especially happy during the Christmas season. After he brought it to my attention I realized he was right. I think the Christmas holiday season must have been her favorite time of the year. I miss her, especially at Christmas time.

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  1. Love your YES shot and your header of the blog!!

  2. Lovely photos, and I loved the sweet bit you included about your daughter Rebekah. Great "Yes" shot--I like the feel of old game pieces better than most of the newer ones.

  3. I love the collection and "Yes" shots!

  4. Sorry to be late getting around to commenting. (Better late then never).
    A nice set. Your spoon collection is interesting and I really think the Harmony pattern is pretty.
    Great memory of your daughter, My dad love Christmas lights so we put up tons in his memory every year.
    Oh the old game pieces are fun.

  5. Thanks to all of you for your comments on my pictures. I love doing this! It's such a great way to combine photography and writing.