Sunday, September 7, 2014

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 9-7-14

This weekend Joe and I went to Silver Dollar City with friends--no children. Don't get me wrong, the highlight of my summer is spending time with the grandchildren and taking them places, but it is a new experience to go with friends. The only ride we rode was The Flooded Mine, and that was just so we could say we rode something. Most of the day, we walked around looking at the crafts demonstrations and listening to music shows.

SDC seasons passes are under $100 each and you can go anytime you want without paying a dime. Most years, each season pass you buy gives you passes to get a friend in free five times during the year as long as you purchase it online in December of the preceding year. I buy three passes each year, so have free passes to get whomever I want in free. We are only out the gas and the cost of a motel or campground if we chose not to drive home that night.

We were surprised to find that Exile and Juice Newton were preforming the evening show at no cost other than our tickets, which we didn't have to pay for because of my seasons pass. The first three photos are of the concert in Echo Hollow at #SDCAttractions.

Now for my Scavenger Hunt photos.

1. Color

Saturday it was raining, so we toured Marvel Cave, which is including in the park entry at no extra cost. It had been several years since I went in the cave. This was the first time since I got my Canon. I had trouble with some of the photos since I did not want to use flash. (Bats live in the cave and we were cautioned not to photograph them with flash.) A few of them came out OK, though. The spotlight on the waterfall inside the cave changed colors. I love the color that showed up in this shot.

2. View

This is a different view of the falls. I can't decide which one I like the best.

3. Stroll

To stay with the theme, I used this photo for stroll. We had to walk down many, many stairs during the tour, then back up quite a few at the end of the tour before we got on the tram that took us to the top again.
4. Outfit

At the end of the day, we sat in Echo Hollow and watch the concert. From where we sat at the beginning of the show, I could see Juice Newton wanting behind the wall until she was announced. The first thing I noticed was the way she was dressed.

Juice's shoes are said to be her signature. The were the completion of her outfit.

5. Block

Since I am weird and have to do things in numerical order, my block photo had to be last, even though it occurred earlier in the day. The tram that pulled us out of the cave ran via cable using a block and tackle system. One tram went down the hill in order to pull us up to ground level. This wire fence was around the tram so no one would fall out going up at such a steep angle. I like the view of the woods I saw outside the fence as we ascended from the cave.


  1. Great set and it's neat you found them all at your outing. Which I might say I would have loved seeing Juice Newton in concert, I like her music.
    The caves are cool looking and oh those colored lights really were pretty and colorful. Don't know as if I could even walk in shoes like those that Juice wore although when I was younger I did.

  2. We were expecting the normal music show, which we do enjoy, but the concert was quite a surprise and a rare treat. Diamond Rio was there last night (Sunday night), but we didn't get to stay for it. I'm sure it would have been a great show, too. Thanks for visiting and leaving comments.

  3. It looks like you had a fun time at SDC. I've made peace with it over the years and now enjoy it.

  4. We certainly did have a good time. I'd choose SDC any day over Six Flags and the like. Thanks for visiting.

  5. Sounds like you get good value for your money!

  6. Yes, I believe I do! Thanks for stopping by.