Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 7-20-14

Vacation is supposed to be about relaxing and having fun, right? We 'worked hard' at making it just that. We did have fun, but had to come home to relax. I will have to 'work harder' next time to get it right. In the mean time, I'll share some of the fun with you. I had to dig into my vacation files from a several years back for some of them.

1. Full

My family loves to vacation at Silver Dollar City in Branson MO. After a long day at the park, playing, riding rides and watching crafters at work, it is nice to sit in Echo Hollow and listen to music performed by a great group of singers and musicians before we make the walk back to our car.

The music show takes place in a large amphitheater. The acoustics are great. We got a great surprise on our visit this weekend. Each night after the music, we were treated to a fireworks show. We were able to sit comfortably and watch. The sky above us was FULL of "bombs bursting in air" as the star spangled banner played in the background. I can honestly say it was the best fireworks presentation I have ever seen. 

This is one of my favorite shots. The grand finale filled the sky with bursts of color and light. 

2. Donut

There was not a donut to be found in the park, but I would have chosen one of these pecan rolls anyway. I did resist the urge--maybe because I was trying to be good, or it could have been because I had six grand kids with me who would have wanted a share. Mostly, though, it was because I was broke. Maybe next time. Sigh...

3. Bug

This picture was taken a couple of years ago. My youngest daughter had sniffed the flowers at SDC when she was little and it made such a cute picture that we decided to take a shot of the grand kids in a similar pose. (Different flowers, of course!)

Luckily they didn't try smelling this flower. I doubt the bug would have bit them, but they would have scared it away and I would have missed this great photo.

4. In the Car

On that same visit, these three road together in the teacup. This was the closest thing to a car I could find in my photos I don't remember why they were so serious. It looks as if they were trying to hide from something.

5. Straw(s)

This is one of my favorite archived photos. These two grandsons lived with us for awhile. They and my youngest daughter had a lot of fun together. There is no way the oldest grandson would share a drink with anyone now, separate straws or not!

Silver Dollar City has picnic areas like this one all through the park. There is a wide variety of foods available to purchase there, including funnel cakes (yes, they shared the one in the photo). We usually take snacks in with us and buy one meal at the park. 

Next time we go, I will take the list of SHS prompts with me so I can have current pictures to share. In the mean time, I hope you enjoy these. Thank you for stopping by. If you would like to see more of my Scavenger Hunt Sunday photos, just click on the 'my photos' tab at the top of the page.

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