Monday, January 20, 2014

Scavenger Hunt Sunday - Week 12

This has been a long week. We have set up at an antique show the last 3 weekends (including this one) in 3 different states. I took my pictures for the Scavenger Hunt Saturday at the show and planned to get my post written that evening at the motel. We went out for supper after we closed for the day then back to the motel only to discover we had left the laptop in the booth. :(. We finally got packed up and out of the building and headed for home a little after 10:00 p.m. If I can stay awake long enough I'll get this posted tonight (technically this morning since it's already after midnight).

1. Hat

This hat is my husbands pride and joy. He is very particular about it. As you can see, it has been worn to perfection. He found it in a auction box he purchased over 15 years ago and has worn it ever since.

This is a side view of the famous hat. He has been offered big money for it many times but refuses to sell it.

2. Antique

The wooden model is of a Chris Craft Cabin Cruiser which was made in the 50's. By today's standards that makes it an antique. I believe the big posts were part of an antique bed. I didn't realize how many antique doors I also captured in this shot until I began choosing photos for this post..

This Civil War era love seat is part of a parlor set that we purchased or rather trade marbles for about 7 years ago. It is most definitely antique. We intended to restore the set but never got around to it. We brought it with us to sell at his show. The magazine racks that are under this seat are close to 50 years and are considered by some to also be antique.

3. Something I am Comfortable With

For years we have set up at outdoor shows and had to deal with the heat, the cold, the wind and the rain. We made the decision a little over a year ago to just do indoor shows. I am very comfortable with that decision, especially when it comes time to pack up. It seems that that 9 times out of 10 we would have to pack up in the rain when we set up outdoors.

4. Who is there?

Or should I say "Whoo... is there?" If the rat had asked that question before he opened the door he might have not found himself in such a position now.

5. A Door

There were plenty of doors at the antique show today, but I didn't want just any old door. This one was on the wall just behind my booth, but I didn't notice it until I heard someone say "This little door sure is cute." When I turned and saw it I knew it was the one. There were 3 guys standing around. "I need a man sized person to stand by this door for my picture. This young guy thought he fit the bill. I must say this door made him look like a big man.

This door was a lot of fun. The promoter of the Antique show set it up as a picture booth. I wanted to include it in my SHS post. No one wanted to be in my picture the first time I tried. I asked this guy a little later and he was happy to model for me. He even hammed it up a bit. Don't you think he looks like a celebrity? (In contrast to the previous photo, this guy correctly appears relatively short behind this full size door.)

Thank you for visiting my blog. I have linked this group of photos to Scavenger Hunt Sunday. You can find out how to play along by clicking the following link.


  1. i love that owl and also the cabinet beneath it. Perhaps that little door was one for an outdoor basement on an old Victorian house? I am brainstorming ways it could have been used. It would make a nice table now...or even hung on a wall behind a couch.

    1. All I could think of for the little door was a maybe a child's playhouse. You may be right about the basement. The people who brought it were from New York.

  2. Great set of images. I wouldn't sell that hat either. It is aged to perfection and ready to be in the movies. While those mid-century magazine racks may be considered antiques by some, they are certainly considered collectable by many.

  3. How can he sell the hat now? It is perfectly molded to his head. I like the door shots-perfect model for the second.

  4. That hat is wonderful! I can see why your husband won't part with it! I also like the man with the door glad someone posed for you in the end!