Saturday, January 11, 2014

Scavenger Hunt Sunday - Week 11

Once again I am set up at an antique show so some of my interpretations are from the show. The rest I took from my archives. This weeks prompts are are Happens Everyday, Upside Down, Natural, Man-made and Looking Down.

1. Happens Everyday

This was the hardest of the prompts for me this week. I finally went to my archives. Even if you are driving home from work with someones bright headlights shining in your eyes, the sun still sets every day.

2. Upside Down

One of the things we do as a family is to play disc golf. My son is very good at making his disc sail long distances. We lost track of one he threw and searched for it for quite some time. Someone (that would be me) suggested we should look up in the trees. We finally spotted it way up high. It took many attempts to dislodge it by throwing things at it but it finally fell upside down to the ground. This was the first time I had ever seen one no matter how bad the throw, land on it's head.

3. Natural

I spent quite awhile at the antique show looking for something that was truly natural. I found a girl with blue hair who assured me that it was her natural color. I took her picture intended to use it, but it didn't come out right (maybe because it really wasn't natural?) so I settled for the natural light of the sun shining in through the doors. It was quite a contrast to the poor lighting that we had in the building for this show. I kind of like it. Maybe next time I'll ask to set my booth in the lobby!

4. Man-Made

We had a customer fall in love with this Royal Crown Cola wagon. He asked his wife for permission to buy it. He picked it up and looked it over. All of a sudden he put it down and exclaimed, "Somebody made this!" I think, per my customer, that this qualifies as man-made.

5. Looking Down

You may have to turn your head sideways to view this picture properly. I stood on the rock ledge leaning forward and looking down at the lake last week so I could get a picture of the side of the ledge.

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  1. blue hair is natural? hmm. of course :) i like your natural shot and your looking down. thanks for your visit and leading me here to you. will be back for more soon!

  2. i like your looking down shot and the natural light is nice as well. Of course some one made the little did he think it appeared?

  3. Great pics. I really like the story about the RC Cola wagon.

  4. Well, for being hard for you, it's hard for me to see that, because you pulled out some really cool shots. It's so funny, I know at first I think that too, but really once you put a photo to the thought, one can really just see it, and it's so cool when there are so many various ideas for one thought. Just love to play this game, and see everyone's picks!

    1. I love the game too. Your comment reminded me of the Dick Van Dyke show from 40 or so years ago. They spent so much time trying to come up with the perfect advertisement but once you get it, it seems so simple.

  5. I so wanted a good sunset shot for happens everyday but alas they were not that pretty this week. Happy you captured yours.
    I like the Natural shot of the sunshine. - Blue hair no matter what she said is NOT natural!
    Oh that is funny about the wagon, come on of course somebody made it. Even if it was from the factory itself someone would have had to make it.
    Now see your shot for Looking Down is exactly the kind of thing that I would not do. That would scare me to death but it did make for an awesome shot.

    1. Thanks Ida for your encouraging comments.It was extremely windy here today. I would not have attempted such a shot on this day.

  6. Great perspective of looking down.

  7. Great photos. I like the story about the RC Cola wagon and the natural blue hair :)

  8. Like these especially looking down which made me dizzy.