Thursday, December 5, 2013

10 Reasons to Buy Bread and Milk on the Wednesday Before a Weekend of Bad Weather

The weather forecast is calling for sub-freezing temperatures and winter precipitation for most of the next four days. Why do you buy bread and milk on this day?

 1. You are out of bread and milk.
 2. Wednesday is your usual grocery shopping day.
 3. You normally do your grocery shopping on Thursday.
 4. You normally do your grocery shopping on Friday.
 5. You normally do your grocery shopping on Saturday.
 6. You normally do your grocery shopping on Sunday.
 7. You didn't have room in the frig to hold an extra gallon of milk last weekend, so you had to wait until you finished one of the gallons you had in there.
 8. You don't normally use much bread or milk, but if the power goes out, as often does in winter storms, you need food you don't have to cook. Sandwiches and cold cereal can get you through it.
 9. You will run out of bread and milk before the storm is over and you are smart enough to know you shouldn't drive when the roads are treacherous if you don't absolutely have to.
10. You needed an excuse to stop at Wal-Mart to see what everyone else was doing there and bread and milk sounded like a good one.

3 Observations Concerning the Crowded Stores on the Wednesday Before the Storm

  1. Everyone who was in the store today was there to buy something they needed. If they had thought ahead, maybe they wouldn't have had to go on the Wednesday before the storm when the stores were crowded with other people who are probably there for similar reasons.

 2.Other people in the store were also looking at you and wondering why you waited until the last minute to stock up.

 3. Mr. Whiffle should had watched the forecast and ordered extra bread and milk for Wednesday, and toilet paper, of course!

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