Sunday, November 17, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday - Week 4

This is my 4th week of Scavenger Hunt Sunday. I haven't forgot, or missed getting it done even though we were set up at an antique show both last weekend and this. Hurray!

 1. Pattern

This is the carpet in our very nice hotel room. We got a reduced rate because were vendors at the antique show. I was tempted to stay in the room and write and let my husband run the show.

2. Sunglasses

Someone lost these sunglasses at the show. After they announced 3 times for someone to claim their glasses, I went to the desk and grabbed a few pictures.

3. Round

We not only collect marbles, we offer them for sale occasionally. Notice the nice hand made German Swirl in the middle.

4. Looking In

This picture is my daughter just before she walked the aisle last summer. I love this picture. She seems to be looking in, reflecting upon and anticipating the future.

I took this picture last night through the peep hole in our door at the motel. I was looking out to see who was looking in.

5. Crunchy

Tortilla chips are my favorite snack and comfort food for anytime as long as they stay crunchy.

I posted these pictures on Scavenger Hunt Sunday.Scavenger Hunt Sunday


  1. I love the "Looking In" picture! What a beautiful bride she is!

  2. Fun shots! Your daughter was (is) a gorgeous bride!

  3. great scavenger hunt shots. Your daughter looks beautiful

  4. Martha, your daughter, my new daughter in law, looked so beautiful. I would love a picture for my wall. Great pictures!

  5. Nice colors in those marbles. I was at the OKC art museum and they had a beautiful collection of paintings that were to look like a photos. The photo of yours looks just like the one I saw that was painted.