Monday, October 21, 2013

Search for the Right Path

Pondering the best path to take to get out of this jungle of clutter has consumed more hours of time than I care to count. As I sit at my desk, I see stacks of books and envelopes that reach from beside my keyboard to behind my computer monitor. I have gone through these stacks often as I search for a bill that needs payed, or a recipe I printed. These should have been filed or discarded long ago, but the stacks of books in front of my file cabinet make it difficult. The books should be on a shelf somewhere, but the shelves are all full of knickknacks and trinkets waiting to be listed on eBay or taken to a market to sell. The trouble is, no matter which room of the house I go to, there is a pile or stack of something that can't be put in its proper place because of something else that is piled or stacked in the place it belongs!

Areas like this are in every room of my house. I try to decide which area is the worse and therefore the one I need to tackle first. I finally make a decision to go to work on it immediately. I go to another room to get the supplies I need to begin and another area of clutter calls to me, demanding to be done first. After mulling it over for awhile, I decide to work on the area that last pleaded with me for relief. About the time I get really involved in sorting, a voice comes from the other room, "What's for supper?" Oh, no, I just got started! Sound familiar?

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  1. I actually wrote this post over a year ago. I left it as a draft waiting for the final edit. I just got that done a couple of days ago. My plan had been to blog each week. Life happened, and here I am again. Hope you all haven't forgotten me. My next post will tell you of my progress during my absence.