Sunday, May 4, 2014

Scavenger Hunt Sunday--Week 27

It feels like summer again. Maybe it will last awhile this time. Joe turned the heater off yesterday morning and put the air conditioner in the window today. Tornadoes danced all around us last week but we weren't in the path of any. My heart goes out to those who were affected by them. I just can't imagine... Despite living in Oklahoma in the middle of tornado country, I haven't been in one. I would love to keep it that way. They terrify me.

I haven't had time to get my camera out much this week. I have been busy working on the schedule for the Successful Writer Conference my writing group from Tulsa is hosting the 31st of this month. I have worked on creating / formatting a program for it every night this week. I didn't get it perfect, but was able to get it close to what I wanted and posted it on the facebook page for the conference. I am still exhausted. Tonight I was finally able to think about SHS. All my photos are from inside the house. Here goes!

1. On My Feet

These are my favorite shoes. Sadly, they the won't stay on my feet.  :(

2. Shapes

Vintage cooking cutters came in many shapes and sizes. These are just a few. Children have a lot of fun making cookies with them. The dough doesn't always release from the cutter as perfectly shaped as I would like, but the grand kids love them anyway. 

3. Little Things

I like little things. My house is full of them. These are just a few. The little perfume lamp is my favorite in this group.

4. Good

Last weekend we were given fresh spinach and radishes. Yesterday a friend shared a loaf of bread with us because she didn't want to freeze it. We bought steak from the markdown bin and we had the potatoes. All we needed was a grill. Joe found charcoal from a year or two ago. This old black smith bellows made a handy grill after he added an metal cake pan from the scrap pile and a rack from an old icebox. The charcoal didn't want to stay lit but as you can see below, the steaks did get done--a little too done, in fact.

We put it all together to come up with this meal. Mine had a sweet potato. His had red potatoes. We had $15 in the whole meal and got all we wanted to eat and had the left overs for supper tonight. We don't eat red meat often, but the steak was GOOD and the price was great, especially since we both ate two times from it. 

5. Egg

I found this cute little egg basket at a second hand store a few days ago. It won't hold many eggs, but I only needed one for this prompt. Notice the old apron under it? I never think to wear it when I'm cooking but it made a great prop for this picture. I love the orange ric rac.

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  1. I love the inventiveness of the grill and the steak does look good.

    1. Thanks for the comments, Yogi. Joe is always inventive in emergencies. The steaks were good.

  2. Fun set. Cute idea for On My Feet. Loved Shapes, my mom had some of those cookie cutters, I remember actually baking cookies using them but I'm not sure what happened to them now. Little things, I would pick the Black Cat & the Owl. BBQ Steak is good and I like mine well done. Neat little Egg basket & a fun apron.

  3. Thanks for the comments, Ida. We buy and sell low end antiques and collectibles, so there isn't much I can't put my hands on if I need it, like the cookie cutters.