Sunday, April 20, 2014

Scavenger Hunt Sunday--Week 25

Joe has been out several times over the last few weeks hunting for mushrooms. He had all but given up on finding any until a friend posted on Facebook that they found a big batch. Needless to say, this week he has been hunting with a vengeance. I went along with my Canon to record the hunt.

The first few days out we only managed to find a few dried up red morels and (which are poisonous to some people even if they are fresh) and some old puffballs and inky caps. I did get some good photos though, so it wasn't a total waste of time. I will be doing a series of posts later about edible vegetation, including mushrooms, that can be found growing wild.

My interpretations of this weeks prompts were shots I took on our mushroom hunts this week.

1. Trick

We hoped the land close to water would not be so dry and maybe we could find mushrooms. I couldn't resist taking a few shots from the bridge. When I viewed these pictures later on the computer the images in the water looked like the 'real deal'. It was quite a trick to at first. Did you think the top of the picture was the sky?

2. Selective Color

I don't seem to have a program to produce selective color, so I improvised by choosing photos from the woods that appeared naturally for this prompt. The upper picture is a beef steak mushroom. It was too old and hard to eat. Joe says they do taste like beef.

I didn't pick this nice specimen of moss up to see what it was connected to but the color was a great contrast to the leaves around it.

3. Close Up

On the way to the woods yesterday we stopped at a flea market. We found an 35mm Canon EOS Rebel X with a small lens and a 75-300mm all for $25.00. The lenses fit my digital Canon. I can sell the 35mm camera with the small lens for what I have in it and keep the 75-300mm for myself. I used it for this shot. My other lenses are image stabilizers so I wasn't sure how good this 'close-up' shot would come out with no tripod. I was quite pleased.

4. Mirror

Water is the only mirror that I've found in the woods, but it does make a good one.

5. Bright Colors

Some of my favorite shots are looking up into the trees. The deep blue sky accented by soft white clouds made a nice bright background for the green leaves on the newly budding trees. 

This picture doesn't satisfy any of the prompts but does show that we finally found morels. We were about to call it a day when Joe spotted these. We found around a gallon of them. Needless to say, Joe is a happy hunter!

I hope you enjoyed this session of Scavenger Hunt Sunday. If you would like to see more SHS posts, or would like to participate yourself, you can do so by clicking the link below. Thanks for visiting and please take time to leave a comment so I will know you were here.


  1. Wonderful set. Your "Trick" photo is cool and yes, tricky.
    I think you did an awesome job finding "Selective" color in nature.
    Neat shot for Close-up and what a great buy on the camera.
    Water makes a great mirror.
    Pretty colors & scene for Bright Colors.
    Hooray for finding the Morels. It's to cold here yet in our mountains for the Morels. Maybe in a few weeks.

  2. Thanks for your comments, Ida. Hopefully you will find some mushrooms when it warms up there. It is supposed to rain here tomorrow. Joe thinks Tuesday may be our last shot for this spring.

  3. What a beautiful place! I love the images you used for the prompts. That trick shot is really amazing! Glad you found your morels. I haven't seen any this year. We're just too dry. Hopefully, they'll pop through after the rain we're supposed to get this evening.

  4. Thanks, Teresa. We went out again yesterday after Monday's rain. We only found one and it was probably one we missed the other day.