Monday, February 17, 2014

Scavenger Hunt Sunday--Week 16

I found this week's prompts for Scavenger Hunt Sunday a bit challenging. It was quite a stretch for my brain, but that is a good thing, right? Learning new things is good exercise. Hopefully these will be of interest to you.

1. Camouflaged 

 The haphazard array of vegetation in this photo provides a great camouflage for a wide variety of objects that make their home in this wooded area.They are not easy to spot in this closeup photo, and even harder with the naked eye from a standing position. Can you find what I was looking for?

I found this interesting piece of art at the Tulsa Antique Show today. The square object in the center appeared to be plexiglass. The white area looked to be tiny bubbles. My guess is that the glass was heated, possibly with a torch drawn carefully over the glass until the design was formed. The intended message of the piece seems to be camouflaged within the sculpture itself. Were it not for the light behind the glass, one would have to look very close to realize that it had a form to it.

2.  Nutty

This is an old store piece that I saw at the antique show today. The signs on the top of the glass said SUPERB FOODS and HEADLIGHT COFFEE. I probably could have got a better shot of this if I had taken my time, but after I embarrassed myself by my poor choice of words when I asked the guy if I could take a picture of ... I hurried away. 

3. Old Style

I was quite young when this old style of camera was the new rave on the market. It boasted of taking a picture that was instantly developed and printed within minutes. The flash attachment even made it possible to take nice photos indoors. Another bonus was that you could find out almost instantly if you the picture was satisfactory without having to send it off to be developed. If it wasn't quite right, you could try again. I liked it then, but I won't be trading my Canon for one now. 

4. Haphazard

My husband bought me these tulips on the way to set up Friday morning. I didn't have a vase, but found a plastic canister to put them in. I arranged the flowers somewhat haphazardly in it, then after adding water, I tied a plastic bag loosely around the stems to keep them from leaning to far out of the 'vase'. By the next morning the had opened up nicely. I got home with them and started to move them into a real vase, but then I decided I kind of liked the thrown-together look.

5. Monochromatic

It took a while for me to find the monochrome settings on my camera. I practiced with it in the dusty mirror for the fun of it. I kind of liked the old style look of it and decided to keep it. Maybe I should make it my profile picture!

I used a black back drop behind the tulips. I kind of like the effect. I had to take quite a few pictures to get the effect I wanted, but I'm happy enough with it for my first session with monochrome.

Thanks for stopping by today.

I don't claim to be a photographer, but I do love capturing the memories and I try hard to make my photos come out half-way decent. Scavenger Hunt Sunday is fun to do and disciplines me to keep practicing. I share my post each Sunday with the like below.


  1. Lovely photo of you. I like the old style look you were able to achieve. It would be a great profile pic. I remember that camera, my father had one. I remember the bulbs bursting and being very hot. We have albums filled with family photos taken with that camera. Enjoyed my visit today.

    1. Diane, thanks for visiting and for your comments. My dad was very 'nutty' about photography and had all kinds of cameras. I'd love to copy all the photos he took, but there just isn't the time...

  2. In your hunt for us, top photo, without zooming in, I notice an egg shaped object, that reminds me of a snowman face? Nice array of photos. Cool selfie too!

    1. Karen, thank you for visiting my blog. The hidden objects do seem to be egg shaped. They were actually mushrooms. My husband loves to walk in the woods looking for them. Many of them, like these, are really hard to spot because they blend in so well with the ground cover.

  3. Great set. I am so glad I wasn't drinking my coffee when I read your explanation for #2 Nutty...that was funny.
    Camouflaged...I'm guessing mushrooms?
    Cool look camera but I'm with you I won't trade my Canon now either.
    Nice Selfie.
    Very pretty tulip shots.

    1. Ida, yes it is mushrooms. I now have a pretty good selection of mushroom pictures. I'm thinking I need to do a series of posts on my blog about them this spring. I was hesitant to mention my blooper with the nutty shot, but my husband thought the story needed to be told!

  4. Pretty tulips My Nana used to say that necessity was the mother of invention. I like your monochrome self-portrait also. I don't think I will trade my camera in either although they do sound quite similar -funny

  5. Your Nana had it right on. I was looking at a whole display of cameras trying to decide on the right one. The bellows drew me to this one, but the similarities to our digitals caused me to choose it. Thanks for visiting and for your comments.

  6. Very intriguing sculpture. I like the blue flash of the old time camera and that last one of the b & w tulips is stunning.

    Next week prompts are Just Because, Mini, Mirror,Mirror, Shoes, Shopping.